Papaya is dubbed “the longevity fruit”, in the summer and autumn have a higher sweetness, at this time it is not only delicious but also provides abundant nutrition. The antioxidant ingredients in papaya pulp can protect the cardiovascular system, as well as improve chronic inflammation and prevent cancer. Papaya prevents cancer and protects the cardiovascular system. Β-carotene and lycopene are well absorbed

The enzymes in papaya help in digestion and make bowel movements smoother.

If you experience unpleasant problems like indigestion of papaya, this can be improved. Papaya contains special papaya enzymes that can be used to cook meat, and eaten directly can help the body digest and absorb nutrients such as protein and oil. Papaya is also rich in fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.


Promotes bone health

Vitamin K deficiency has been linked to a high risk of fractures. Therefore, adequate absorption of this nutrient is important for maintaining good health, especially bone health. This is because vitamin K has the ability to improve calcium absorption, while reducing calcium excreted through urination – this means the body will retain more calcium for fortification and rebuild bone structure.


Improve diabetes

Studies have shown that people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who have a diet rich in fiber and have lower blood glucose levels show improvements in blood sugar, lipids, and insulin levels. . And papaya is a great choice because a small papaya provides about 3g of fiber – the equivalent of 17g of carbohydrate.


Improve inflammation

Choline – an extremely important and “versatile” nutrient – contained in papaya can help support your body to rest, maintain muscle movement, and improve learning and mind. mind. In addition, this nutrient contributes to the maintenance of the structure of cell membranes as well as plays a supporting role in the transmission of nerve impulses, enhances fat absorption and reduces the symptoms of chronic inflammation. count. There are two ways to choose a delicious papaya based on its stem and color. When choosing a papaya, the main focus is on the stem and color. If you buy the juice right away, you should choose the fruit that has soft stalks, make sure the peel is red, yellow, smooth, without scratches, pests. However, it is advisable to make papaya juice as soon as possible after it is softened or temporarily refrigerated to avoid spoiling or affecting the flavor.