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Aloe Vera Farm

Vinut is the leading beverage manufacturer in Vietnam that has won two Top ASEAN Strong Brand Awards in 2022. Vinut owns all kinds of production lines to produce many types of products that meet export standards to 185 countries and regions. Vinut supplies the material for factories that need materials such as the Aloe vera cube, nata de coco, and juice concentrates under the strict guaranteed quality with certificates of BRC, FDA, FSSC22000, GMP, HACCP, HALAL.

Aloe Vera after harvest will be checked by QC

Preliminary processing stage

The source of Aloe Vera material is taken from Vinut’s farms in all parts of Vietnam. So that Vinut can manage all the standards for growing materials to meet the request of input material from the QC team of Vinut factory.

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Production stage

The standard Aloe Vera pulps will be transferred to the automatic cutting machine according to the required size. Aloe Vera cubes that have been cut to the right size will be sent to the mixing room to undergo the cooking process specified for each product. Following cooking, the Aloe Vera cubes will be poured into containers before packaging the finished product bags.