Aloe vera production

Preliminary processing stage

Aloe Vera Farm
Aloe Vera Farm

The source of Aloe Vera material is taken from Vinut’s farms in all parts of Vietnam. So that Vinut can manage all the standards for growing materials to meet the request of input material from the QC team of Vinut factory.

Aloe Vera after harvest will be checked by QC
Aloe Vera after harvest will be checked by QC

Aloe Vera after harvest will be checked by QC to make sure it meets the quality standards. The leaves that meet the requirements will be transferred to the preliminary processing department for washing, disinfecting, and manual peeling to obtain the cleanest and freshest Aloe Vera pulps. In the washing stage, Aloe Vera leaves are soaked in a water bath with an aerator and the water in the bath has a suitable chloride concentration.

Aloe Vera after harvest will be checked by QC
Aloe Vera after harvest will be checked by QC

After washing and trimming the top and stem, the Aloe Vera leaves are transferred to the manual peeler and processed through a sink to help reduce the viscosity of the Aloe Vera pulps. The Aloe Vera pulps after peeling will be re-checked to make sure that the peel is no longer attached and the edges are removed to achieve the most uniformity of the Aloe Vera pulps

Production stage

The standard Aloe Vera pulps will be transferred to the automatic cutting machine according to the required size. Aloe Vera cubes that have been cut to the right size will be sent to the mixing room to undergo the cooking process specified for each product. Following cooking, the Aloe Vera cubes will be poured into containers before packaging the finished product bags.

The packaged Aloe Vera cubes are weighed to ensure the correct volume of product is required. After that, the finished product will be transferred to a pasteurization room at the specified temperature and time before being transferred to a cooling bath. Cooling time from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. After cooling, they are passed through the final inspection unit. If they are passed, they will be transferred to the carton packing stage and transferred to the pallet to be placed in the warehouse.

Vinut always keeps the philosophy that The trust of partners is the guideline for business activities and we try our best to bring Vietnamese fruit products to international friends. 

Our products can meet all the demands due to their premium quality, standard production process, different type and size, and affordable prices. Furthermore, we ensure on-time shipment to our clients, through this we have gained a huge clients base in the market.


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