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The difference between Green Lemon and Yellow Lime


Lemons and limes are two fruits in the same family as oranges, tangerines, citrons and grapefruits. Green limes and yellow lemons have similar popularity. However, yellow lemons grow better in temperate climates, and green limes are favorable in tropical and subtropical regions.

The nutritional content between limes and lemons is basically the same, with the characteristics of providing a lot of vitamin C and minerals and having negligible carbs and calories. However, there are some differences between green lemons and yellow lemons.


The most conspicuous are the limes and lemons that differ in appearance from color to size. However, some green limes will turn yellow when ripe. However, limes are usually round in shape, while yellow lemons have a little bit protrusive at the ends.

In terms of taste, both limes and lemons have a sour taste, and depending on personal taste, you will find which lemon is more sour. With this feature, lemon juice and especially lemon concentrate, are very often used in preparing drinks, cooking dishes and many other uses in life.


Preserving lemon juice after being squeezed is also relatively easy, just freeze it in the refrigerator after dividing it into separate cells with a tray similar to an ice cube tray. If you want pure lemon juice or lemon concentrate in convenient packaging that can be used anytime, Vinut lemon concentrate is the perfect choice.

Vinut lemon concentrate products have two types of lime and lemon concentrate, suitable for all your needs. The products can be used to make drinks, make cocktails, desserts or any of your creative recipes that require the sour and aromatic taste of lemon. Let Vinut Lime and Lemon concentrate help your recipe sublime!


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