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Lemon – familiar but strange things


The lime is a fruit of the genus Citrus, the genetic relative of the lemon. The lime peel is thin green, the flesh is succulent, the taste is sour with a slight bitterness. Lime juice is cloudy, pale, or slightly green in color, has a characteristic sour taste, and is very aromatic. Lemon is used almost all over the world because this fruit contains many nutrients that help the body prevent and treat diseases.

The lime peel contains about 0.5ml of light yellow essential oil, containing terpenes active ingredients. The juice is 80% water, the rest is 5-10% citric acid, 1-2% citric acid calcium and potassium, ethyl citrate and 0.4-0.5% malic acid. There are also 0.4-0.75% sugar interverti, 0.5% sucrose and 0.75-1% profit, along with vitamins C, B1 and riboflavin.

Normally, lime is used to make seasoning, and lime juice is used to help reduce drunkenness when drinking alcohol; or used as a beverage, cleaning stains on clothes or deodorizing in the refrigerator.

Besides these uses, lime juice also has beneficial effects on health such as: helping to balance the body’s pH and lose weight thanks to its acidity, but the nutritional composition of the fruit is alkaline. Drinking lime juice helps reduce the feeling of bloating and indigestion thanks to the antibacterial properties of lemons that create conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow and defeat harmful bacteria. Drinking lime juice also helps diuretic and easier digestion.

Lime juice also helps relieve pain and prevent oral infections, stabilizes blood pressure, reduces fevers and chills. Vitamin C in lime juice helps to exfoliate the skin of the feet and get rid of dandruff.

With so many benefits as above, lime juice often becomes an extremely popular sweet and sour beverage. Not only that, concentrated lime juice is also used to prepare many different drinks as well as to prepare delicious and attractive dishes.


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