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Passion Fruit Concentrate


There is some confusion about the difference between fruit concentrate and fruit extract. In fact, they are two of the more easily distinguishable fruit byproducts. In the food industry an extract is something that has been suspended in alcohol like Vanilla bean for example and a concentrate is something that has been dehydrated and when you want to dilute it you just add water.

Nutritions of Passion fruit concentrate

One of the most popular fruit concentrate is passion fruit concentrate. Passion fruit concentrate is rich in vitamins A, C, potassium and iron, and also contains numerous cancer fighting agents.

Vinut Passion Fruit Concentrate

With the modern production lines, Vinut Passion Fruit Concentrate is quality guaranteed. Passion fruit concentrate is just as nutritious as fresh-squeezed juice. The amount of water is removed during processing as is added during reconstituting so the nutritional profile of the juice has not changed.

Passion fruit concentrate can be used in fruit juices, cocktails and beverages thanks to the character of easily reconstituted with water. Also, passion fruit concentrate is commonly used in cooking and baking due to its intense flavor. Vibrant in colour and refreshingly tropical to the taste, passionfruit concentrate is available from Vinut with the best quality and flexible distribution systems.


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