Instant coffee

Freeze dried coffee and unique coffee brewing methods


Freeze dried coffee

This is currently a new trend of coffee world. Freeze dried coffee is dehydrated coffee that is made from coffee liquor (coffee that already has been brewed). Freeze dried coffee helps to maintain coffee aroma as fresh as freshly roasted coffee beans.

The method of manufacture for freeze dried coffee is relatively simple but this method is quite time consuming and also expensive. There are several advantages of freeze dried coffee when compared to regular brewed coffee.

Freeze dried coffee is a good idea because it is so easy to store. It easily dissolves in hot and cold water too! Vinut makes sure never to compromise taste or quality with instant coffee. It is just as good, if not better than a brewed cup of coffee. It’s definitely more convenient and only takes seconds to dissolve in warm or cold water.

Instant coffee
Instant coffee

French press coffee

Many people like to drink coffee brewed this way because it’s quick and easy, and it can extract a lot of aroma from the coffee powder. The coffee maker consists of a glass cylinder and a built-in filter. We put coffee powder into the cylinder, pour boiling water into it, stirs well, leave it for 4 to 5 minutes. Then we put the filter in and press gently and slowly to separate the powder from the finished coffee solution. The coffee was drinkable by then and not very hot anymore. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to spend a paper filter every time you make coffee.

Norwegian-style boiled coffee

This type of coffee is popular in Norway and the countries of the Scandinavian peninsula. Similar to Turkish coffee, people boil coffee powder for 10 minutes. The difference is that people use coarsely ground coffee powder and coffee beans are only lightly roasted, not thoroughly. It’s about 2 tablespoons for 1 cup of coffee. People have to wait until the coffee powder settles down before drinking.

Espresso – Italian style coffee

The Espresso machine is a true work of art created by Italians. Coffee is brewed at very high pressure. A pump pumps water through a copper coil. The water is rapidly heated in that copper piping system to a temperature of close to 100°C (not less than 90°C). The pressure pushes the water through the coffee powder compacted in a filter. The water flows quickly through the coffee powder, through a metal filter, straight into the cup in just a few dozen seconds. The result is a cup of hot, thick and full of aroma, yet not bitter, but smooth and creamy.

It can be seen that each coffee preparation method is different, but all aim to keep the coffee flavor as much as possible and have the most convenience. Therefore, Vinut Freeze dried coffee is the most suitable choice for you. Please contact us immediately to get quality freeze dried coffee products at the right price.


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