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Mango and recipes for connoisseurs


Mango and recipes for connoisseurs

Cocktail and dessert are two words that show unlimited creativity of drinks created by talented hands, delicate taste and personality of the maker. Even if you are not professional, you can still make your own delicious alcohol-based drinks from cocktail recipes and desserts with mango. Here are some suggestions you can refer to for a “chill” party.

Maragita Mango

The combination of sour, spicy, strong flavors of Tequila, Triple sec, lemon and mango juice. The fragrant mango scent creates a sweet sensation of stimulation. The yellow color of the mango complements the impressive beauty of the cocktail, with the moderate coolness creating a great flavor for a perfect cocktail.

Mango mousse cake

The eye-catching yellow color is the characteristic of soft and delicious mango mousse cake with a light sour taste mixed with a sweet taste that makes people remember for the first time to enjoy. This cake is a combination of gato cake, concentrated mango juice and other natural ingredients to become a delicious dessert for many people.

Aam Panna

As a drink that cannot be more suitable for summer, Aam Panna brings you relaxation right in the middle of hot days. If you don’t have time to process the mango flesh into a smooth paste, concentrated mango juice is the perfect alternative, along with a few pieces of mango flesh for a deliciously tender spread on the tongue.


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