Dishes made from coconut jelly


There are various recipes from coconut jelly, especially drinks and desserts for lively parties or cozy families. There are dishes that are not only delicious but also very suitable for making at home.
Mango Bango will be the first example of a delicious recipe from coconut jelly. The soft taste of chopped mango meat mixed with crispy coconut jelly, with the rich cream, fresh milk, and the sweetness of condensed milk will bring a unique dessert to cool down the summer heat for you and your whole family.

Coconut jelly combined with chia seeds will be a drink to help you cool down and provide nutrition. In particular, the crunchy taste of coconut jelly will bring a sense of joy to the user’s mouth, along with the slight aroma of pandan leaves when cooked together.

If you want to have a dish with a variety of tropical fruits, a fruit cocktail with coconut jelly is the right choice. The ingredients used will be delicious, popular tropical fruits: mango, watermelon, jackfruit, pear, cantaloupe, yogurt, and coconut jelly. The fruit is chopped and mixed with milk to create a sweet and sour mixture, combined with the crunchy taste of coconut jelly.
If you are in a country in Southeast Asia, street food will be indispensable for dishes with coconut jelly ingredients, such as green bean and black bean sweet soup. Besides using traditional ingredients such as green beans, black beans, semi-flour, and potato flour, the addition of coconut jelly makes the dish even more delicious. Especially when there is more diluted coconut milk if eaten cold, condensed coconut milk if eaten hot will make you remember this dish forever after just one taste.

In addition to the recipes above with coconut jelly, there are countless other delicious dishes that you have or have not had the opportunity to taste. But the most important thing is still to prepare your coconut jelly ingredients to get the best experience with your delicacy. Contact us immediately – Vinut is a leading supplier of quality concentrate products from Vietnam.



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