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Health benefits of Coconut Jelly


An average adult will need about 2000 calories/day to maintain body activities, equivalent to an energy load of 667 calories per meal for 3 meals a day. Coconut jelly is rich in fiber and does not contain fat and cholesterol with an energy level of only about 92 calories/100g, so it can be used as a diet food. 

Coconut jelly also contains micronutrients and vitamins (vitamins B, B1, B2, and C) that have the effect of strengthening resistance and promoting the body’s metabolism. Because coconut jelly is the fermentation process of bacteria Acetobacter Xylinum, rich in fiber, it has the effect of supporting the intestines, helping to limit constipation, stomach ulcers, intestinal pain… Also, it has many substances. So, when absorbed into the body, it will reduce bad cholesterol, and contribute to limiting cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, cancer, or anemia… Coconut jelly has many nutrients, so it is suitable for diabetics and it does not affect blood sugar (it should be noted to choose non-sweet coconut jelly).  

The cooling properties of coconut jelly also help the body cool down, and reduce stress and fatigue, so coconut jelly is very suitable for use on hot and muggy days. Although coconut jelly is good for health, it should be noted that the consumption is moderate, do not eat too much, it will cause bloating, should not eat coconut jelly instead of the main meal, but need to combine to have an effective weight loss regime. When using coconut jelly for children, it is also important to note the tough and slippery characteristics of the product, so be careful to avoid choking and danger.  

To ensure healthy consumption of coconut jelly, consumers need to pay attention to the storage time. Normally, coconut jelly has a shelf life of 6 months when kept in the refrigerator or varies depending on the manufacturer as well as the storage environment. Vinut Coconut Jelly Nata de Coco has a shelf life of 18 months at room temperature thanks to the quality assurance process and standard packaging.  

With Vinut Coconut Jelly Nata de Coco, you’ll instantly have quality ingredients for countless recipes for your favorite food or drink. Or if you are a supplier of beverage products, please contact us immediately to get the best Nata de Coco.


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