Nata de Coco production process

nata de coco process

Nata de Coco production process creates nata de coco products that meet export standards to the world, with modern technology, equipment and an experienced production team Vinut F&B always has the highest quality in the market

The important raw material of the nata de coco production process

The important raw material of the coconut jelly production process is mature coconut water.

Nata de Coco production process:


Mature coconut water after being filtered to remove impurities contaminated in the process of collecting raw materials. After removing the physical hazards, the coconut water will be boiled to remove microorganisms that cause food safety. This process is called heating before moving to the mixing phase.

Nata de Coco production process-2

To create a nutritional environment for Acetobacter Xylinum bacteria to grow, it is necessary to add some other materials such as sugar, citric acid, acetic acid, ammonium zinc, and nitrogen-phosphate-potash. The mixture needs to undergo a second heating process by boiling to dissolve the ingredients and form a homogeneous mixture.


After that, the coconut water mixture is transferred to the fermentation tank which has been cleaned and sealed. The whole mixture is refrigerated for 8-10 hours to prepare for fermentation. In the fermentation stage, the mixture should be supplemented with Acetobacter Xylinum yeast in the appropriate proportion and mixed well before the fermentation process takes place for 2 weeks.

Nata de Coco production process 6

After the fermentation process, the product’s mucous membrane is collected and cleaned with clean water, mixed with lemon juice in the appropriate proportion to clean coconut jelly and achieve a natural white color.

Nata de Coco production process4

The product will go to automatic cutting machines to cut into cubes according to product standards. These Nata de Coco blocks will be transported to the packing area into PE plastic bags and drums and then weighed following product standards. The finished product can be stored at room temperature or cold place.

Nata de Coco production process3

Nata de Coco is low in calories, high in fiber, and good for dietary purposes. The product can be used in the preparation of soft drinks or consumed as a dessert. Coconut jelly is also used as an ingredient in ice cream, halo-halo, and other fruit preparations such as cocktails and salads. 

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